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Shape & Scale services that deliver

By aligning the strengths of both public relations and marketing, we deliver your category PoV through storytelling and demand generation.

Do you need help creating demand for your products and services? We understand the modern B2B buyer. Gone are the days of endless sales calls and hidden pricing — today’s B2B consumer goes through 70% of the B2B buying process e before someone even gets in touch with your firm.

Also, they aren’t buying the way they used to. Online communities, dark social and expectations of a B2C buying experience demand a new approach.

Our demand framework includes customer research, an audience data strategy and a digital plan built around a demand model that measures success in the CRM.

From media relations to choosing the right corporate and product awards, we’ll help you craft a compelling story to your target buyers. We work with executives to perfect the narrative and then get it out into the market.

Want Shape & Scale to grow with you? Hire us to be an internal-adjacent head of marketing and/or head of communications. We will not only handle strategy, but help you will grow your team, find you the right agency partner, hire the right vendors, and more – all while working with the executive team to show results.

We’ve helped over 30+ SaaS companies shape and scale their marketing technology and operations. Our hands-on approach improves scalability, by offering consultation and strategy on software selection and implementation, team structure and performance management, as well as leading training and coaching sessions. Shape & Scale has developed next generation strategies that improve efficiency to bring true agility and scalability to teams.

The HubSpot partner that’s uniquely suited to help – Shape & Scale specializes in building efficient and effective HubSpot implementations. Our strategic blueprints aim to enhance sales and marketing alignment, simplify data collection, automate process flow, and integrate with customers’ existing systems.

Train the trainer? We train you in how to speak to reporters, prepare for a keynote, and technology tool fundamentals to get your team to speak, think, and execute like pros.

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